Turkish Studies Center
            Turkish Studies Center, Faculty of Political Science, Prince of Songkla University, is the only center which focusing on Turkey in Thailand, and one of few institutes focusing on Turkey in Southeast Asia. It has been formed since 2013 within the well-known university in the Southern of Thailand. It was established with the goals to enhance the understanding about Turkey within Thai society and in the Deep South of Thailand, and to recognize the significance of Turkey within the current global politics. Further, it aims to promote the knowledge about education, politics, society, history, arts and cultures of Turkey toward those who are interested about Turkey, Muslim World and global politics.

Since it was formed, Turkish Studies Center has organized some activities including
1.the public seminars
2.short course for Turkish language (15 hours),
3.providing the information about the opportunity for scholarship in Turkey
4.It has its own Facebook Page which has provided some information about the program of the center and communicated to those who are interested.
5.Turkey in Modern World Course as one of the elective subjects for the student.
6.Translation of the academic Turkish book into Thai

            The upcoming projects for improving the knowledge about Turkey in Thailand is to publish the books for using in the class and for those who are interested, to purpose the Turkish language as one of the elective courses for the student, to research about Turkey and Thailand as well as Southeast Asia in various aspects, to have the exhibition or cultural shows about Turkey in the campus, and to promote about Turkish culture in different programs especially for the exchanging of the students between Thailand and Turkey. ........